let me pretend sue’s maiden name is meagle and that she and donna email each other all the time 2 talk about their tiny bosses and hella weird coworkers

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Shanola Hampton

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One major facet of cultural appropriation is taking artifacts that would be violent on the body of a person of color and making them trendy on a white body.

That’s why Forever 21 is able to sell a Black Panther crop top, and why Che Guevara t-shirts are so popular, and why Macklemore can win Grammy’s for writing songs about smelly sheets, and why white drugged out kids can walk around Coachella in tacky “native” headdresses.

When people of color cannot participate in aspects of their culture without persecution, but white people are welcome to those aspects, that’s a major undeniable example of white privilege.

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You just gotta go over there and talk to him. Give me your best line.

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Bikini Bottom just got real..


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Beautiful Graphic Art Made With Rolls of Packing Tape by Mark Khaisman

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Me and my girlfriend Häagen-Dazs broke up. She’s French; it was crazy.

Anthony Mackie on preparing and training to be Falcon.


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Fashion Wonderland: Elie Saab f/w 2013-2014

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Sorry aunt Daphne!

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Thandie Newton photographed by Naomi Kaltman

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